As COVID-19 spreads around the world, marketers must quickly adapt to the most challenging times we have faced in decades. How should we as marketers behave at a time when many of our customers are deeply worried for themselves and their loved ones?

How do we ensure that the money funnel keeps on flowing without hinderance even in these troubled times?

How do we ensure the customers doesn’t disconnect with us?

How do we assure them that we are taking possible measures for customer happiness?

Well we at Vibes have accumulated 5 relevant tips to help you stay afloat and keep the business sustainable in these trying times.

Focus on Future

Hotels are shut but it’s not only the current scenario to worry about but also post pandemic reluctancy in customers to visit a hotel

Hence our focus should be on laying an excellent digital strategy in place to connect, engage and convert fans into long term customers.

 No stop to SEO activities

SEO is not a sprint to run and win in one go but a marathon like journey where we must constantly remain on the top of our rankings. Stalling SEO activities for the time being will surely be a roadblock in continuous efforts that the team has already put in. It shall stall growth in google rankings and in most probable case, it will downgrade our ranking on google due to inactivity.

Focus on community building

If you can’t sell your rooms right now, focus on building a community or a fan base for your property. In this lockdown situation when everybody is glued to their phones and laptops, there can’t be a better timing to get maximum audience reach. Though getting rooms booked is of utmost priority still but now is the time to engage your audience, customers, fans through digital mediums and let them know about how unique, cozy and comfortable your property is.

Stick only to priority paid campaigns

Just because everybody is spending maximum time of their day on the internet doesn’t mean bombarding them with ads. Just stick to the campaigns which are necessary and important to complete as per the business need.

Adjust your hotel’s offerings and accommodate new consumer needs

Be flexible and creative with your offerings to attract maximum people to your hotel post lockdown. Do live chat to engage with your audience, show around your beautiful resort and various amenities up on offer. Bring in long term vouchers, new booking policies and offers to accommodate maximum queries for post lockdown scenario.

Communicate with your employees

Last but most importantly, take care of your employees for those are the ones who will play a significant role in lifting your brand back. They deserve sympathy, care and your support during these testing times!

We at Vibes are working with multiple clients whose businesses have been affected by the pandemic #Coronavirus. We are a 360(Degree) Digital Marketing firm with high expertise in all the aspects of marketing. Our range of services include Social Media Optimization, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Campaigns, Paid Marketing Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, etc. Our set of well research strategies have helped brands stabilize and grow their business even in the ongoing Covid-19 scenario.

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