Google partner - Vibes
Vibes believe that Ideas are only the start! The ability to execute an idea is ultimately what your customers, stakeholders and shareholders are looking for. In fact, without being able to effectively execute and implement different opportunities to actually deliver change, the big idea is only a dream. We at Vibes help our clients to convert their big dreams into reality! Steps to transform ideas into reality
• Understand client’s thought process
• Define a brief
• Start with a POC(Proof of Concept)
• Define phases for implementing POC
• Create a Scope of Work(SOW)
• Work on Wireframes
• Design UI & UX
• Code the modules and eventually the product
• Test the product
• Deploy the same
• Share with client for UAT
• Make the POC live
• Handed over to client’s well wishers for getting a feel of entire POC
• Take feedback and implement it back in POC
• Launch it for target users
• Digitally market the entire project
• Work on client’s vision for a bigger project. Follow the same steps as suggested above.