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Digital Marketing strategies for businesses during the Corona Crisis

Current Covid-19 Pandemic and Digital Strategy around it


The current unprecedented Corona Virus pandemic has left everyone's life stagnant and is testing everyone in its' own way. While people has started working from their homes, maintaining social distancing and awaring others about the disease while keeping hopes up for this to end soon, it's important for business owners and marketing teams to adapt their strategies according to the current scenario.


In such a crisis like situation, marketers need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they evolve as a team, speak to their customers, and manage their brands. Whether you as a business owner are on the back foot or the one dealing in any product/service included in essential services, tread lightly and operate with integrity.


In these ever-evolving times, marketers must not wait for problems to develop or solutions to reach market, but rather stick to the below plan and #BeatCoronaDigitally:


1. Re-Plan and Re-Evaluate


Define common case scenarios that could play out during the crisis with respect to your business, customers and partners. Marketing experts must drill down to identify the specific challenges that the community could experience in each scenario and identify actions to take.



2. Understand Customer Sentiment


The current crisis has amplified the distrust people already have in the brands these days. In Fact, the brands should rise to the occasion and re-establish Customer Centric policies

 One must engage with the customers, monitor their changed behavior and analyses change in search pattern by them. Marketers need to support customers and protect their relation with customers. Also, avoid leveraging short term gains at the expense of customer trust.


3. Have a Plan in place


This pandemic will end very soon. We'll step out of our homes, attend concerts, go out for munching food. Prepare for this transition thoughtfully and actively. The next few months will bring many societal changes that trickle down to the marketing plan. Use the best-, worst- and moderate-case scenarios to anticipate possible and likely changes and take alternative actions.


4. If you haven't already, Go Digital


Right now, almost everyone is sitting home currently. It's time to leverage the power of digital media, as consumption of this content is far more.  Digital gives a chance to understand consumer mindset in these testing times. Go for it today!

20 Apr 2020

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Beat Corona Digitally

Businesses have been harshly impacted by Covid-19 Pandemic and has severely dented marketing roadmap for many brands. Grocery stores have left with empty shelves and restaurants are completely shut for visit, this is tough time for Small & Medium industries.

Whether or not to go on with your existing marketing strategy during this pandemic is a tough question. Do you throw out your plan altogetherin trashand start over, or just make modifications? What digital marketing strategies should you continueand what we should abandon, is really the question of hour.

For those opting for a COVID-19-themedcontent and digital plan, following best practices remains necessary without fail.


1. Connect with your audience through social media

We are dealing with a pandemic which has affected our lives regardless of the fact that we have tested for Corona or not. Everybody is just locked up in their homes with minimal sources of communication. Nobody can stroll outside, nobody can go pubbing, nobody can hop in their favourite restaurant. This is the time to show empathy and be sensitive to others and help wherever we can. Consider is an opportune time for brands to stand out during difficult circumstances. More people are on glued on social channels, stuck at home, trying to remain connected in this suddenly isolated world.


2. Make sure your business can be found online

In case you haven't realized, more people are their online right now than on streets and in cars. Search traffic has significantly increased over the last couple of weeks and are showing a steep increase further. People are glued to their phones and computers, looking to educate themselves, get aware or might be just for entertainment purpose. Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever. It's not the time to derail marketing efforts but rather strengthen them. You should be using SEO strategies and search ads to gain maximum traction.


3. Stay Ahead of your Competition

SEO helps your business climb up the Google ranking and further help in bringing more traffic to the website. To climb up the ladder of Google rankings takes time, patience, consistency and strategic optimization strategies It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and do whatever is possible to keep your website updated and optimized, failing to which you can loose valuable ground in the search results post impact of Covid-19. It's not the time to push back your SEO efforts, but rather an opportunity to rigorously work towards surpassing those who have pulled back right now.


4. Focus on Local SEO and Online Reviews

Currently, the travel is minimal, and everybody is confined to their homes. In these rare times, once anybody leaves home, they look for nearby services and supplies. So, make sure your website is optimised for "near me" searches. Another way to boost local SEO right now is getting more positive reviews for your website. And in this time of lockdown, it's a golden opportunity to persuade your customer for putting a review in free time. If you are providing any essential services crucial to the consumer in these stressful times, your customer will be more inclined towards leaving a review commending your product or service.


5. Unique circumstances need unique offers

Show a positive intent and support towards your customers in these uncertain times by offering exclusive discounts and keep the revenue flowing. This is the most appropriate time that people are facing a little heat of crash crunch and are browsing at home for discounts and offers. Push out special offers through Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media channels. Since people are sitting at home spending a huge chunk of time on their screens and searching for relevant service providers, this is an opportunistic time to connect with customers and gain advantage over competitors. It's being considered that on an average, cost per click has decreased six percent across all verticals, reducing the average page the advertiser pays per click.

Be prepared to jump into action with new strategies to help your brand come back to a ‘healthy market' with a sound and a stable roadmap ahead. It’s a great time to continue your digital marketing activities as many of your competitors may go offline during this global pandemic and businesses can capture traffic and conversions because of reduced competition.

We at Vibes Communications are team of marketing specialists working religiously during these eventful times to help you sail the tough waters using digital mediums effectively.

We keep clients’ best interests in mind and work to provide extraordinary marketing solutions to maintain maximum engagement and positive sentiment for the brand, while executing budget spend judiciously.


Consult us today for holistic digital services in this changing market to capture your audience in a perfect way.

16 Apr 2020

How can SEO help your business grow?

SEO: The term implies ‘Search Engine Operation’. This technique is used to rank a website in search engine results. It helps in improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from different search engines. These search engines perform different activities in order to deliver better results. This is how we explained you how Search Engine Operation works. In real terms, SEO plays a very significant role in promoting the growth of your brand. Without the use of proper SEO, your brand can never succeed. You need to have a strong SEO team who can function and monitor the SEO which will further generate you more business.

Search Engine performs different activities in order to deliver best results. Like for example.

Crawling: This is a process of catching all the web pages which are linked to the website. This procedure is performed by a software called Crawler.

Indexing: The entire method of creating an index for all the captured web pages and storing them in a database from where it can be found later. Indexing is basically identifying the words and expressions that describe the page and assign that page to the keywords.

Processing: When you receive a search request, the search engine compares the request with the database indexed pages.

Retrieving results: In the end, the results which are best-matched will be taken out.

In order to make your own mark in this competitive world, you need to have strong SEO. There are lakhs of users who search for something or the other every day to find out the answers they are looking for. Most of the Internet users click on the top five suggestions which display on the top of the screen. In order to gain more website customers, you need to keep yourself in the top position.

SEO is very beneficial for the social growth of your website. A lot of people who visit your website through google, chrome or Bing, might promote your website on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

SEO also plays a key role in the effective running of a website. With good SEO your website can reach to the top position. Like for example if two websites are selling a same product, the SEO will have many clients and sales.

Internet users trust search engines. If you have your brand in the top list for the keywords that users are searching, it does increase your website’s trust. Because of the growing popularity of internet and Social Media a lot of companies are spending huge amount of money on building their SEO. These companies believe if they don’t work on their brand’s ratings through strong SEO, then their competitors might overtake them in business.

If your website’s ranking starts popping up, then there are chances that more traffic will be diverted to your website pages. Customer Engagement also plays a very crucial role in promoting your brand. When your website page or blog is SEO friendly, then you will be in a better position to engage with your clients.

Follow these simple tools to boost your SEO and it will take your brand to new heights.

06 Mar 2020

Tips to Improve Their Video Production for Page Owners

Facebook's video measurements are suspect in light of the fact that they depend on three-second perspectives or that they are generously inflated by individuals taking viral recordings from YouTube — don't diminish the fact that Facebook video is a gigantic open door for advertiser. To catch potential errors before they make it to your online networking informing line, it's useful to set up a publication process for your posts. You most likely have one set up as of now for your substance showcasing stage, and those make an interpretation of effortlessly into online networking informing, and won't take up a lot of your time and exertion. Be that as it may, in case you're new to the thought and the procedure appears to be threatening, we have arranged this helpful flowchart, alongside a rundown of inquiries to help you with the verifying of your online networking posts. Schedule videos to computerize your content timetable: To schedule a video, when you upload it, tap the bolt alongside "Publish" and pick "Schedule Post" starting from the drop menu. On the following screen, you can choose the date and time that you'd like your video to go live. Set Expiration dates for recordings/videos To set an expiration date for your video, take after the bearings for booking your video. On the following screen, you'll have the choice select the date and time you'd like your video to terminate. Add captions to tell your story with and without sound Inscriptions/Captions are included as .SRT documents to your video amid the transfer or alter procedure. On the web, individuals who watch your video can click "CC" on the base right-hand side of the video to empower subtitles. On cell phones, subtitles show naturally when a viewer has volume quieted. Take in more about subtitles in the Help Center. Edit and deal with every one of your videos with your Video Library The Video Library is a spot where you can sort out and deal with your recordings. You can get to your Video Library by going to the Publishing Tools tab inside of your Page. Utilize the hunt and separating devices to find a particular video by title, depiction and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise alter or change any points of interest identified with your recordings, incorporating including inscriptions in different dialects, changing a custom thumbnail and then some.

29 Feb 2020

Ask Yourself Before You Publish

In the early years of informal communities, we could barely imagine a period when individuals would be getting let go over their online networking posts. Presently, a search query "fired over a Tweet" returns more than 30 million list items on Google, every single great illustration of what not to post on online networking. On the off chance that you need to abstain from getting stuck in an unfortunate situation with your manager, transgressing in according to many fans, or costing your boss millions in lawful charges, you ought to regard these notices. To catch potential errors before they make it to your online networking informing line, it's useful to set up a publication process for your posts. You most likely have one set up as of now for your substance showcasing stage, and those make an interpretation of effortlessly into online networking informing, and won't take up a lot of your time and exertion. Be that as it may, in case you're new to the thought and the procedure appears to be threatening, we have arranged this helpful flowchart, alongside a rundown of inquiries to help you with the verifying of your online networking posts. Questions to ask yourself before you post to your social media channels: Is this post valuable to my social media followers ? Is this post contributing to my social network’s mission ? Is the format of this post optimized for the social network I’ve selected ? Does the quality of assets match the standards of my social media presence ? Am I posting this at the best time ?

21 Feb 2020

Evolution of Digital Marketing Over The Years

There is no second thought about how fast the technology has drifted to digital from analogue and how the world along with the technology have diverted towards digital phase. This Digitalization phase has embraced towards it more and more people around the world from the old traditional communication means. People have speedily fitted into this change and since then they have been engrossing in the digital element on the various digital devices to communicate with masses and more. This evolution made various companies realize how important the digital marketing has become to make the procedure of communication and marketing more focused and more flexible. Clearly, the way digital marketing and its tools have been changing continuously over the period of time, marketing operations are more capable of delivering the right information at right place and right time. Once a well-planned and well thought marketing strategies are laid out, its proper execution definitely gives large businesses and have direct significant impact on its marketing level. Digital marketing department has become one of the fundamental components of the marketing since it helps the business to spread out in masses in real quick time with more effectiveness and response. Using Digital Marketing has number of benefits attached to it. With the continuous growing advancement in technologies, it is becoming straighter forward to track and analyze the results almost immediately. While Digital marketing lets a business follow its personalized commerce, it also gives the ability to approach its crowd at an economical cost. Whether you are dealing in a small business or large, with Digital marketing tools and skills in hand, it is bound to provide you with conclusive outcomes. The concoction of latest technology with Digital Marketing has witnessed its positive growth in this new world which is sure to grab more and more eyeballs throughout the digital age.

01 Feb 2020

5 Reasons of using Social Media For Your Business

There is no denying that the usage of social media in small as well as large businesses has become a must. Nowadays, broadening the digital storefront to social media contributes towards the profit and advancement in business. Social media possess wide potential for business expansion and success at a much faster pace. Let's see what are the top 5 reasons to use social media for business growth: IMPROVES CUSTOMER SERVICE: ensuring convenient and appropriate services to customer has a huge impact on business. It helps in establishing a brand in a straightforward manner. Using customer service portal of business on social media gives customer a personal experience which in turn encourages your brand on a longer run. RAISE YOUR SALES: Connecting with social media on the grounds of showing them our business' potential and what we offer gets more publicity and more web traffic and therefore more profit. However, the pitching of a brand must be strong so that it is able to attract more and more traffic towards it. Responding immediately, showing interest in their feedback are some of the factors which are liked by the viewers and a brand is more likely to get more profit. COST EFFECTIVE: Bygone are the days of traditional advertising which used to cost heavy on pockets. But thanks to social media which is quite cost effective as well as time saving. Most of the social mediums are absolutely free like Facebook and twitter which are the fastest way to reach the customer. BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Social media have proved to be one of the exemplary way to propose crowd to a brand. Social media has given an accessible way to get recognized in short period of time and promote the business on digital front. It allows all the potential customers to communicate and associate on a personal level with your business. INSTANT RESPONSE: For any business, connecting with social media provides you the immediate access to all kinds of feedbacks from the customers which helps in adding valuable understanding of customer's point of view.

29 Jan 2020

Yoga in the Digital Media

Today we are celebrating the second International Yoga Day. Yoga was introduced to the western world by Swami Vivekananda in the 19th and early 20th century and by 1980s it took the western world by storm. The idea of learning Yoga is on everyone's mind these days. However it may not be possible for prospective students to find a good teacher in their vicinity. Or time may be a constraint. Traffic may be too daunting and stressful to handle to make it to a yoga studio. In this age of networking and the internet more and more people are looking for digital solutions to meet their needs. There are a healthy crop yoga apps for botth beginners and regular practitioners to use. Here's a guide to getting started Daily Yoga Daily Yoga has huge repository of videos: 50 classes and 400 workouts. The app SD and HD video content, the videos are asesthically pleasing, with relaxing music to get you in the zone for a pleasing experience. The app has upto seven different plans for users. You may choose a plan based on duration or intensity of exercises to suit your needs. The app has something for every type of user beginner or advanced. Universal Breathing: Pranayama Yoga places alot of emphasis on breathing patterns. The Universal Breathing app is intended to help users master this particular aspect of yoga. It offers various exercises designed around the 'Pranayama' method of breath control.The app includes structured courses with short exercises that come with a timer and an animated guide. Users can also track their progress and learn more about Pranayama. Baba Ramdev App Yoga and Baba Ramdev are synonymous, you cannot talk about one and not mention the other. Baba Ramdev revolutionarised Yoga in India. The app gives gyan on the benefits of practising yoga. It has videos related to various asanas and pranayama, as well as special exercies targetted towards problems such as obesity. It also has information on how yoga cab be used to fight lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, stress, hypertension and high blood pressure. Face Yoga Everyone wants a glowing face and and flawless skin in today's day and age. However this is not an easy task to accomplish in today's stressful and polluted environment. The skin care industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Facial Yoga is another way to attain flawless skin and youthful looks. The app also includes solutions that can help in getting rid of excess facial fat. It supports 85 languages, including English and Hindi. Pre natal Yoga Yoga can be really helpful for expecting women, and that's exactly what Pregnancy care is focused at. The app has a special section detailing pregnancy exercises for would-be moms. It also includes exercises related to each of the trimesters, in order to keep both the mother and baby healthy. There's multi-language support, and the various yoga poses help even further during pregnancy. Speaking Tree Speaking Tree offers knowledge covering various aspects of yoga. The website covers numerous yoga teachings designed to help users attain a better knowledge of yogic science. It also enlightens the users about different aspects of yoga, and how they can help in leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

20 Jan 2020

Brexit Impact on the $146 Billion Indian IT industry

On 23rd June 2016 , via referendum the United Kingdoms (UK) voted to exit the European Union (E.U), an economic and political partnership of 28 countries. How will Brexit impact India ? It is easy to imagine cataclysmic scenarios. The odds of the European Union and the euro unravelling and have increased considerably. The may well be the beginning of the end . The euro and the pound have taken a beating since the results of the votes were announced . This vote will lead to a rise in risk aversion. Capital flows are at risk and competitive currency devaluations are more likely. Global ecomonic growth which was already seeing a downturn will be futher dampened. Brexit will be a blow against globalisation. The Indian IT outsourcing industry is feeling the blow of this vote . Between Friday and Monday TCS lost nearly Rs.30,000 crore in market capitalisation, Infosys Ltd Rs.12,000 crore, Wipro Rs.3,420 crore, HCL Technologies Ltd Rs.5,078.73 crore and Tech Mahindra Rs.2,951 crore. The IT industry has to brace itself for some major challenges following the Brexit . Europe generates around 30% of the revenues of the Indian IT outsourcing industry. Many IT companies have their EU headquarters based out of the Uk and use the country as a gateway to business across the continent. Some 800 Indian IT companies employ around 110,000 people there. The major challenges for Indian companies arises from the volatility of currency – the pound and the euro. Also there is the uncertainity about future policies between EU and UK. The decline in the pound would render many current contracts into losing propositions , unless renegotiated. . The terms of UK's exit and future engagement with EU could impact decision making for large projects . The pound dropped to a 30 year low against the dollar following the vote. Near term impact is that shares of most Indian IT companies fell when Brexit became a reality. The benchmark S&P BSE IT index closed 2.1% lower than its previous close . Heavyweights such as Infosys , Wipro and HCL Technologies – shares closed between 1 % to 4% lower . Overall , it is mostly a watch and watch situation for most Indian IT players. The market is waiting for clarity on the UK's future business policies. There is no certainity as how things will pan out but the world economy is waiting to see how this plays out.

14 Jan 2020

Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Google AdWords is a genuinely capable, dynamic web based publicizing platform, yet a couple of clients ever even start to achieve their maximum capacity inside the service. Google is continually refreshing AdWords, including new highlights, bringing down the ones that don't work, and changing the way various characteristics work, a large number of times each year. AdWords advertising platform is being changed often to give advertisers more flexibility with their ads. AdWords features ranging from Ad Extensions, Call-on-campaigns, Display Ad Builder, Ad Customizer to AdWords Editor, Google has throughout the years developed into an advertising instrument that enables organizations to drive leads and outrank their rivals. Majority of the marketers are still lacking in using the best of AdWords features and utilizing the major and big advantages of the same. If you too are lacking in the same, Vibes Communications provides the best digital marketing services for you and your brand. It's no big surprise advertisers can't keep up! Because of this regularly changing nature of AdWords, there are some truly noteworthy highlights that scarcely get any play whatsoever. Nonetheless, the underused highlights can seriously affect your PPC execution. If you really need to truly cover the opposition, you need to move past the AdWords nuts and bolts and get innovative with your advertising campaigns. Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR : Vibes Communications being one of the top digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR helps you and your brand reach out the targeted audience in the maximum number by providing the best advertising platform with Google Adword features. Online Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR : In case you're searching for another approach to enhance your campaign execution and focus on your clients all the more productively in the coming year. Associating with Vibes Communications is precisely what you require where there are ample of digital marketing services provided to get your marketing goals reaching to a higher level and maximum potential. There is no big surprise with the fact that the Google has made this stage with a sea of chances for advertisers to enhance their battles and produce better businesses which ultimately has helped Vibes Communications to get its name shining among various online marketing companies in Delhi NCR. Vibes Communication helps to execute the AdWords features that will enable you to achieve your business objective the easy way. Feel Free to contact Vibes Communications for any inquiries with respect to Google AdWords and digital marketing services.

20 Dec 2019

The Indian E-Commerce Bubble

The Indian Ecommerce Industry has been focusing on price points and deep discounting rather than service differentiation and customer experience. Finally they are being punished for this approach. The bottom-line for any business is to make profits, losses will only logically lead to a business shutting shop. In this age where – start-up and venture capital buzz words, entrepreneurs seem to have forgotten why is that we do business. The reason to engage in business is basic as old as time itself to create livelihood and to result in profits. Erstwhile president and COO of Softbank, Nikesh Arora, went on the record to say that, if 2015 was a year of tremendous funding, it also witnessed shake-out. The Indian E-commerce Industry has scaled down from 500 firms to 10, in the last year. Businesses such as Flipkart, Snapdeals and Jabong need to concentrate on customer experience and service differentiation rather than deep discounting. Since the inception of the industry a decade ago players have focused on two aspects of business – attracting more consumers and increasing the total value of goods sold. To do this online retailers have discounted products, out of their own pocket, to attract buyers. Investors have finally started asking tough questions and raised their concerns around the practise of deep discounting. Flipkart's story: Flipkart was founded in 2007, and is headquartered out of Bengaluru. It has established itself as the home-grown player in the Indian e-commerce space, with a reported gross merchandise value (GMV, or the total value of goods sold) of $10 billion. Flipkart is one of the most funded technology start-ups in India, having raised a total of $3.15 billion, according to CrunchBase, a start-up database platform. In the ninth year of business, Flipkart now has over 46 million registered users, 33,000 employees, 14 warehouses, and gets 10 million daily page visits. The company has recently witnessed several negative developments. These negative developments are the classic symptoms of what ails the Indian e-commerce industry. Earlier in the year the company's valuation was trimmed by investor Morgan-Stanley by $4 billion. This move came earlier in the year when the company posted another year on year loss of Rs.2000 crores. The valuation of the company was cut from $15 billion to $11 billion. The share prices came down from $103.97 per share from $142.24 in June 2015. Also the company has seen many changes in leadership with Binny Bansal replacing Sanjay Bansal as CEO. They have also other key senior players like Mukesh Bansal – once rumoured to be the next CEO. Another senior leader, Punit Soni, has left. Soni came to Flipkart from Google last year, but was not given a defined role following management changes in January. With these numerous changes in leadership one can only say that the climate at Flipkart will be volatile and strained .The company also seems to struggling with a clear cut strategy. The company decided to shut its mobile site, however later went back on its decision. Post that there were rumours that the company planned to shut their website altogether. This was a strategy that Flipkart’s subsidiary, Myntra, had opted for in May 2015 and abandoned in December. For now, Flipkart is available across all channels. Snapdeal's Story: Snapdeal, trails right behind Flipkart as India's second largest e-commerce platform, in terms of GMV. Snapdeals has long been looking to dethrone Flipkart for the elusive number one spot. Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal CEO has gone on the record to say that the company was on the verge to overtake Flipkart. The target date that was set was March 2016. However as of March 2016 Snapdeals reported a GMV of $ 7 Billion and a financial loss of Rs.1326.01 crore, shooting up five times from 2014-15 loss of Rs.264.6 crores. In terms of comparing Flipkart and Snapdeal valuations the score is $11 billion vs $6.5 billion. The company seems to be facing the same problems that are biting at the heels of Flipkart. Kunal Bahl also seems to want to focus on a strategy of increasing number of users. The company reports that they have a million transacting users daily, which is greater that both Flipkart and Amazon (India) put together. However Snapdeal is not making the cut when it comes to wooing mobile app users. The company did not make it in the list of 15 most installed mobile apps in India .The study was released by Jana, a Boston based mobile internet company. If these woos were not enough, the company also ran into trouble with its employees. The company has faced alot of negative publicity with layoffs running rife. Is the tide turning ? : These developments at Flipkart and Snapdeals are a signal for the entire e-commerce sector in India. Get your strategy straight and run a tight ship. There are trouble waters ahead. Major players including are finding it hard to raise money with VC s, these days. The VC s no longer have confidence in the Indian e-commerce sector. E-commerce sector in India, in 2015, saw an investment in tunes of $9 billion. The new year has seen a series of disinvestments like Rocket internet wanting to cut its losses in Jabong and Foodpanda . Softbank has also seemed reluctant to invest in e-commerce, let's just say $100 million cheques from Softbank are harder to come by. DST and Naspers has also been quiet in the e-commerce space. The valuation bubble seems to be on the verge of bursting. A recent survey carried out by VCCircle has indicated that the interest in e-commerce is waning. 46% of the participants indicated an interest in investing in start-ups in the consumer service space. Only 23% still have confidence in investing in the e-commerce sector. Over the last few years, e-commerce start-ups have received largest investments from VC s. Kashyap Deorah, serial entrepreneur and the author of In The Golden Tap: The Inside Story of Hyper Funded Indian Start-ups, a book about India’s start-up landscape said. “Doing business in that space had become territorial warfare with funding being the biggest weapon .The fake economics created by the e-commerce unicorns had created some bad habits in the ecosystem. Those will go away now and we can start building a more sustainable ecosystem.” The Flipkart and Snapdeals of the industry are facing apocalyptic dooms day scenarios is because they seem to have forgotten the basic principles of business – profiteering. The buzzwords of day seem to be gross merchandise value (GMV or total value of goods sold) and company valuations. Investors have been myopic in the past and only looked things like registered users and daily page visits. However these are of no consequence if the business does not make profits. The flaw in the business plan is at a basic level.

03 Dec 2019

Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

The life of a marketer used to be simple and then came the internet. We had just a few TV channels, some radio stations, a handful of top magazines and a newspaper or two in each market. Reaching consumers was easy, if you were able craft a compelling message, you could move product. The internet brought with it the social and digital revolution which has changed the way consumers interact with their brands of choice. Technology has made deciding on a marketing strategy much tougher. Now we have a mind boggling number of TV channels , ever growing number of websites and hundreds of thousands of “Apps” along with a whole lot of DMP’s, API’s and SDK’s . Marketing used to a simple matter of identifying needs and communicating a message that appealed to the consumer. Now with technology changing the communication landscape a marketer needs to build an immersive strategy to engage the consumer. It is easy for a marketer to get lost in a sea of buzzwords and false guru selling snake oil. Have clear goals There is so much going on the in the marketing arena today that it is difficult to keep up. Marketers feel pressured to have an integrated approach and actively integrate emerging media in their marketing plans. A good marketing strategy is not about how many gadgets and neologisms are crammed into it, but how effectively it achieves goals. Hence it is important to have clear strategic goals as to what you as a marketer hope to achieve online in terms of customer engagement or gaining new consumers. Identify, Evaluate and Apply Emerging Technologies Marketing executives are busy folks. They need to identify their consumer base and run promotional campaigns in collaboration with the product folks in their respective organisations. It is unreasonable to expect a marketing executive to keep up with the vast array of emerging technologies and tactics. Therefore it is better that they engage their agencies to act as sound boards .Agencies should have the onus to suggest new technologies and tactics. Once an emerging technology or opportunity has been successfully used in a pilot program it can be integrated into the normal strategic process. Separate Strategy from Innovation A good strategy is one that achieves specific goals that have laid out at the onset. Innovation on the other hand focuses on creating new results, which may not work as well as a standard solution. Hence it is important for a marketer to set aside monies for pilot projects and test runs. Some may work some may not. However everything comes with a learning curve. Building assets in the marketplace Previously it was easy to create a compelling marketing campaign and drive purchase of the product or service in question. Today an effective promotional campaigns are less likely to result in sales and more likely to lead the consumer to do an internet search. This internet search would make it easy for the competition to retarget the consumer. Successful brands are platforms, they need to inspire consumers to participate. In the digital age you have only arrived if your product no longer a noun but a verb. Hence a marketer needs to have a keen understanding of consumer behaviour. How are consumers interacting with technology? How do they perceive our product or service? Market visits and directly interacting with consumers will enable marketers to come up with effective strategies.

22 Nov 2019

How Can Online Presence & Client Reviews Boost Your Business Digitally

Would you like to go global with your business? Did you say yes? Then the only way is to go online and mark your strong online presence. Gone are the days when people flip through the yellow pages to find services for their needs.Let’s face it, a critical part of the market you serve is made of up shoppers who start their journey for items and services on the web, and in case, you're not available online, at that point, they'll find another person who is.While the country's healthcare sector is balanced for development, the economic situations are evolving. One of the enormous changes that healthcare sector all around the globe is encountering is the adjustment in the client's awareness and view about medicinal services with the advancement in thedigital landscape. Earlier, consumers depended on ads and verbal reviews to recognize healthcare services and acquire forte medications. In the present scenario, digitally-savvy clients have data readily available with simple access to peer gatherings and master discussions for brisk reviews, ratings and data about doctors, specialists, diseases, medications and everything that comes in the healthcare industry. If you thought a live website will bring you the target audience, well, then you may need to rethink about it. There is more to online presence than just websites. Maintaining a rich online presence on all social media platforms is a must which helps your business to grow with greater visibility and accessibility, thereby reaching out to a large number of target audiences. Hence you need to make an active online presence to make a digital leap in your business. Worldwide, healthcare associations comprehend various approaches & strategies to use online networking such as social media platforms to further bolster their good fortune. Organizing and strategizing various Healthcare campaigns to address a large portion of the population which is online and is searching the best in the healthcare industry. Social networking is an open door for advertisers to associate and draw in their target clients. So now when you are focused on your business’ online presence, another very crucial factor that affects your business online is the client reviews which are an imperative peer-to-peer commitment to trust, helping your business to prompt the right first impression that gives them a positive opinion to make a purchase decision. If facts are to be believed, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.Indeed, empowering client reviews will add believability to your business and will benefit your business with authenticity and client’s trust. Hence having effective reviews and reputation management strategy will make a positive effect on your business’ organic search rankings in search engines. So concluding the digital presence of your business, online reviews are as imperative as any of the marketing strategies that create more leads and more visibility of your business.

08 Nov 2019

Why is it important to update your website

Your website is a reflection of your organization. It your first impression in the digital world and as they say “First Impression is the last impression”, your website should convey what exactly you and your organization areat just a glance. A website makes a business very much live on the web and marks its presence in the online world and it takes a considerable lot of work to make one, as well as keep up and refresh it routinely as well. The website is an absolute real substance for your business on the web. Each up-gradation you make to your website has an impact in its communication with clients, visitors and search engines. Astagnantwebsite without updates of any sort might be seen via web engines as a lifeless substance – with no life and just the same old thing to offer. Non-updated websites will surely lead to lower in SEO rankings which will, in turn, affect your business in a negative way. The rapidly changing technologies & configuration panachesmakes it utmost important to upgrade the websites time to time in order to be in pace with the ever-changing technologies and it reaches to people as soon as possible. It is vital that your website stays current with these progressions and that your business is getting the most out of the new online open doors that are accessible. A lot of research demonstrates that you just have a couple of brief seconds to stand out enough to be noticed and to pass on enough informationto draw in your target audience. Likewise, the nature of your web design is an immediate reflection on your brand’s image, so it is essential that your website looks proficient, crisp and contemporary. Furthermore, if the feel of your web design is old, the odds are that the user-experience is additionally going to be missing which a company definitely doesn’t want to happen!

25 Oct 2019

Is Digital Marketing Important To Grow Your Business

Since Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving power in this age of marketing, it is set to be the ultimate outcome of marketing, and it appears that shortly digital marketingwill outperform all the customary marketing tactics. It's essential to evoke that digital marketing is an iterative system which involves consistent consideration; hence the capacity to adjust and alter is key. One has to fuse apt Digital Marketing Strategies in the business to be a dynamic piece of remarkably persistent and productive online market. Digital marketing is not just about developing the client base; it's tied in with developing long-term associations with them on online networkingplatforms. Customer maintenance is critical to business development and setting up adigital strategy is a decent place to seizean increasing and very profitable online marketplace.The way to effective digital marketingisn't just guaranteeing your business is successfully advertised to more than 3 billion clients on the Internet, yet in addition at the same time endorsing the brand through consolidating different types of digital media platforms along with the social media for your business. Digital MarketingStrategiesenable your business to make utilization of the latest techniques that won't just draw in more movement to your business yet quality activity which will connect with the larger audience and will eventually take your business game to another level of success. Making a shift to digital strategies will bring higher incomes and development. Marketing is tied in with focusing on target audience with the appropriate content; Digital marketing encourages you to do that proficiently. At Vibes Communications, we give Digital Marketing Agency which can enable you and your business to achieve the level of development you need and emerge from the rest. We work with you on a continuous premise to enhance your digital marketing techniques andstrategies and guarantee that it keeps on expanding your ROI over the long term. With the hard-working team specialized in all types of digital marketing services, Vibes Communications is an approachable and trustworthy Digital Marketing Agencywho supply integrated marketing ideas and solutions to benefit the businesses. Vibes Communications acts as an interface between the client and their customers & audience utilizing various online channels availablein the correct place and at the perfect time. Vibes Communications helps in advancing the image of your business by means of various forms digital media that include the utilization of channels and promoting campaigns and drives. Vibes Communicationsas a digital marketing company in Noida is the best which comprehend information and digital background to convey significant and completely responsible digital services. Vibes Communications is centred on giving a stage to all types of businesses and independent publishers for making their presence in the mass market through current content expertise and marketing strategies and solutions.Do Contact us, if you have made up your mind to go digital and are prepared to make the move.

11 Oct 2019

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogs and Online journals are as important as social media posts for taking your SEO strategies to a higher level. Typically, most organizations set up a website that is totally static. They contain an obsolete viewpoint of the organization's services and objectives. It's vital to have a stage that can, without much of a stretch, mirror the distinctive trends in the organization and blogs are an incredible mode for the same. A business blog is a standout amongst the most convincing and financially-savvy approaches to contact your target audience and is crucial to maintaining an online presence. Whether you are an independent venture, or a multinational organization, blogging is fundamental to your exposure via quality online content methodology. Your blog gives you the chance to make applicable content for your clients through whom they can know you and your product. Utilizing the benefits of blogs as a marketing strategy will drive movement back to your website, ultimately providing you huge leads. Making blogs a part of your business will make your sales funnel and also a place to capture leads for email marketing. Whenever a new blog gets uploaded on the website, it is of utmost importance to promote and share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube which will in turn reinforces your business’ social media reach, enables your product to get found and drives new site guests to your blog by means of your online networking accounts. It likewise encourages the content to be shared via online networking media for any individual who thinks that it is fascinating for someone else. This whole cycle will ensure that the huge traffic is driven to your website and you are visible in the search engines. If you want to stand above your competitors in your business line and want to catch the consideration of your intended audience group, your business needs a Digital Marketing Agency who can work your blogs and other marketing strategies to build brand awareness and potential customers. Vibes Communications is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Noida which works with clients on blog ideas and make content date-books for your website so as to keep your website dynamic and to help with driving activity and produce important leads.

27 Sep 2019

Marketing Lessons For Your Start-up

Marketing is an idea whose supremacy to create, obliterate or change customer supposition boggles a number of businessmen. While beyond any doubt each association which requires promotions and marketing has its own particular arrangement of difficulties, there are some marketing lessons that are best learned while working in a start-up, on the grounds that an imagined thought is beginning to get appeared and everything is starting from zero level including marketing. In case you're thinking about whether there's a mystery element to victory your start-up is missing, there's most certainly not. Building an effective start-up is a mix of a thousand little components. It includes intensity, tolerance, and thinking about the correct regions to contribute time and assets. Below are some of the marketing lessons, if followed appropriately, will help your start-up process to expedite: Picking right marketing tool for communication: When beginning a start-up, it is essential to realize that spreading yourself too thin will really get you nowhere. Being insightful about your approach won't just spare you profitable time, but will also present to the audience as more true and grounded. You don't need to battle with support all alone. Be vital about how you begin showcasing through the channels that you utilize. Pick a tool to concentrate on, work out your program, then move to the following. You'll likewise observe that once you have one network constructed, you can utilize that to assemble more. Realize that customer engagement is important: Business-to-business marketing is far beyond getting the message out to create new leads. It's about advancing engagement at each phase of the advertising pipe. This is particularly valid for the start-ups, where agitate at the base of the channel can be particularly destructive to the development of your start-up. So remain nearby to your clients, and advance engagement even after each "lead" is changed over. Trust your instincts: You are settling on choices for your own particular start-up and your own future. Follow your gut feelings since you are the one behind the controlling wheel. Regardless of the possibility that your business flops, despite everything you'll take in a considerable measure. The lessons you encounter yourself are the ones that have the greatest effect. Imagine the best and the worst: You have the full duty of your business. While invigorating, this reality can likewise be threatening. Envision the best and most pessimistic scenario situations. Measure their probabilities. At that point utilize sound judgment and move quickly. Following and consolidating all of the above marketing lessons with your own particular experience and learning can present your start-up to you a major win. At Vibes Communications, we help start-ups to carve a niche for their services; spot themselves in front of their competitors and present themselves as a pioneer in their space. We are a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Noida and can help you in advancing your marketing strategies and campaigns. Picking the correct mix of marketing ideology for your start-up is the way to progress and we being a business-driven digital marketing company are specialists in this field of digital marketing.

06 Sep 2019

Nail Your Targets With Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing has developed into an effective brute and tackling its energy has turned out to be basic to business achievement. Now, every business understands that it is so imperative to utilize digital marketing to advance productivity and enhance the degree of profitability. In order to maintain an effective business in today’s era, the primary thing you should concentrate on as far as your marketing prerequisites are concerned is your online presence. You can never again escape with a poor-quality website for your organization or business. The principal purpose for this is definitely the technology. Individuals wherever around the globe recognize what the web is, approach it, and are on it. In this manner, if you need to get a client base for your business, then your business must be techno-friendly, and you have to move with the evolving patterns, and the principal thing being, having an online presence for your organization. The easiest approach to accomplish this is by procuring a digital marketing company. So, get in touch with Vibes Communications which is one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Noida, providing a modern approach towards immensely innovative digital experience. From beginning till the end, Vibes Communications helps organizations to strategize, execute, observe and accomplish campaigns to make the best client experience over all the digital channels. Vibes Communications is centred on giving a stage to all types of businesses and independent publishers for making their presence in the mass market through current content expertise and marketing strategies and solutions. Along with the range of digital services including web design, web development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, online lead generation, Vibes Communication has an array of satisfied and fulfilled clients to its credit. Other important services provided here include UI/UX design, CRM development, PPC, email marketing, creative design and mobile development. With the hard-working team specialized in all types of digital marketing services, Vibes Communications is an approachable and trustworthy organization who supply integrated marketing ideas and solutions to benefit the businesses. Vibes Communications has emerged as a projecting Digital Marketing Company in Noida in spite of being among a suite of Digital Marketing Companies across the place because of the wide cluster of inventive, productive and powerful services provided by them. A well-balanced bunch of digital marketing services ranging from SEO to PPC, from internet marketing to email marketing, Vibes Communications gets you covered completely through the multi-skilled strategists and techies who fully understand and take into consideration the business requirements of your business and your clients drive your business to greater digital efficiency. So what are you waiting for! If you want your business to touch the sky and meet the finest digital experience, get in touch with Vibes Communications to get the best and be the best in this crazy world of digital!

23 Aug 2019

Reach Your Audience with the Strong Combination of SEO and SMO

SEO has developed in the course of recent years as a rejoinder to the ascent in online content, including Social media. Strong SEO practices fill in as a solid establishment for social networking and can possibly make an enduring advantage for your business. Social Media Optimization can't be viable unless it is supported by superb content. This is the place where social media fills in the gaps and has its influence on your business. Without a doubt, the potential reach accessible through social media channels is boundless. Search engine optimization is more powerful to increase your leads & sales and hence the traffic to your website and Social Media is sure to improve trademark reputation and public associations. So the two choices have a remark and go hand-in-hand to optimize your business. SEO and Social Media are viewed as discrete types of inbound marketing yet from multiple points of view, they are connected. Today there is a developing comprehension of the need to enhance Social Media utilizing indistinguishable standards from SEO; this gain by the development of online networking content that is seen and listed by the web indexes. Since 85% of individuals looking through the web discover websites by means of organic placement, this new conception of how to streamline Social Media gives energizing, driving edge open doors for organizations to enhance and even dislodge rivals in organic placement. These two are not thoroughly partitioned. Great advertising and a decent reputation will enable your business to expand traffic and sales just like visiting the website directly from the Facebook page or you will be picked out of a page of search items since people already know your brand or have liked your product earlier. What's more, obviously, there is an upright hover here! The more business you do and the more movement to your site, the more probable it is that there will be a buzz around any presence you have on social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Along these lines, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing can build each other's adequacy. The combination of these two makes for an incredible feedback circle to set up for your business and through these digital marketing services, your business is sure to make its mark in the market. Building up a well-optimized Marketing campaign has never been as essential as it is today to build your business through the Internet. Vibes Communications is among the best SEO agencies in Noida providing a range of services for businesses of all sizes. Vibes Communications’ Digital Marketing division has a far-reaching understanding of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media advancement, which will let your business level up on this rising search engine drift. The twin controls of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media expansion keep on evolving quickly and Social Media Optimization is a capable tool to utilize further bolstering your organization’s advantage.

09 Aug 2019

Say Hello to Google Ads, Goodbye Google Adwords

A lot has changed over the 18 years of Google AdWords which was initiated to help businesses of all sizes to connect online with people in an easier way and at a relevant place. Whether it is searching something on Google, finding a place with Google map, discovering apps on Google Play, or watching videos on YouTube, Google ads have progressed manifold from helping businesses connect with people on Google to assisting them to connect to their targeted audience through searches, text, and videos. The major change with the latest update of Google AdWords is the change in its name which will now be called Google Ads from 24 July 2018 which will serve as the front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces such as Google Maps, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, or display ads. Another update which is to be followed is of DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 which will be merged into the brand-new Google Marketing Platform under which a new product called Display & Video 360 that will be an amalgamation of various features of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Centre. A new unified platform called Google AdManager which will bring together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange to make it easier for publishers and advertisers to monetize their business online. Through these major changes and updates, Google has worked over consistent feedbacks and has given more time, money and effort into enhancing the results through Google AdWords which will help advertisers successfully reach their audiences.

26 Jul 2019

Improve Lead Generation Through Social Media

Without a doubt, social media has taken over the entire world and has marked a turning point in today’s era of the internet. Every person, businesses and companies are making use of social media to reach out to customers who are available in abundance over the web. However, not everyone succeeds in growing their business online. Keeping the strong & effective social media strategies & campaigns is what one needs to flourish in the market and for this, the best way is to utilize lead generation through social media tactics by which one can quickly and easily achieve a boost in their sales and see a positive result in a short period of time. Some of the best ways to utilize and improve the lead generation through social media includes Facebook Lead Generation ad, hosting a live chat call, using Facebook Custom tabs to highlight discounts, offers and contests, referral campaigns, engaging in social selling tools, collecting opinions of audience through polls & surveys, and a lot more ways could help your business build and reach to the heights of success. Social media is here to stay, so get your lead generation game strong and use these platforms to build your business.

12 Jul 2019

How India has become digitally independent

The journey of India’s revolution towards the digital world began rapidly in the early 2000s which now has taken roots in almost every field and has stamped its mark everywhere. Through this digital revolution, people are spending time online where they get the ability to share the information through various online channels like emails, social media channels like Facebook & Twitter, messengers, which enables them to connect with the world in just one click. Such is the power which digital technologies have given. It is not only restricted to the instant communication but also instant transactions through various payment gateways which have let India go cashless with 100% safe & secure transfer methods. With the passage of time, India’s digital initiatives like Digital India, Start-up India, Make in India are taking shape thereby transforming India towards the Digital Economy and making its citizens digitally empowered. Large corporate, digital and IT companies are one of the huge forces that are generating growth opportunities and new digital market, thereby acknowledging the digital economy’s potential and expansion. The time is now and the right opportunity for everyone to make a move towards Digital India.

21 Jun 2019

Vibes Mantra Since 8 Years That Kept Us Going and Growing

Time does fly by! It’s been an incredible journey of 8 years since our inception of Vibes Communications in 2010. As initiated with a handful of dedicated professionals in various fields, 8 years have shaped beautifully with the growing superlative team of young, talented and enthusiastic specialists. Through these years, we have always encouraged one mantra of ‘One Vibes’ which has wonderfully worked for our organization and kept our employees bonded together whether it is work, birthday celebrations, or a short trip, that keeps the work culture cheerful and imparts a sense of purpose to their responsibilities, making their hard work winning every day. We feel so proud & blessed upon looking through these remarkable & significant successful years which only motivate & inspire us to work with more dedication & hard work. With the mantra of 'One Vibes' we always set the milestone for us to top it with another milestone, thereby making our organization among the top recognized digital marketing company in Noida. We would like to extend our thanks to each one of you who have put their trust in us and believed in our dedication.

24 May 2019

New Google Algorithm On 1st August Has Affected The Healthcare Industry

Google takes off changes and twists its algorithms every now and then, among which some are minor changes and some are specialized, however, every change is intended to improve search results in order to deliver the high-quality results as well as relevant searches which hit the searcher’s requirements on point. Along with these little day by day changes, Google rolled out a major update on 1st August that has caused some big shifts in website rankings and Google searches. With The Broad Core Algorithm update shared by Google on 1st August, a large number of businesses, especially healthcare industry has seen big fluctuations in their website rankings and has witnessed a significant decline in their traffic & sales. This latest algorithm shift has made its major presence felt in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) pages which include websites related to medical information, health & disease related pages, shopping & financial transaction pages and those pages that can negatively affect an individual’s life and money. With this major update, Google’s intention is to keep searchers away from those websites that could damage their health and make their money at stake, hence, prioritizing the relevance factor irrespective of the local business or a large multi-national company. Due to its focus on the healthcare and medical sector, the Google Core Algorithm Update on 1st August has been nick named as the Medic Update and has hugely impacted rankings and visibility on Google as far as healthcare industry is considered. However, focusing on building great and quality content is what Google has stated to overcome with the loss that the websites have faced with this broad, global and core update. One of the prominent healthcare clients of Vibes Communications is Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions which has witnessed a huge internet visibility and top search rankings over the period of 7 years, only due to effective marketing strategies and strong front-foot of SEO by Vibes Communications. Before the Google’s Broad Core Algorithm was announced, the ranking for Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions’ keyword “affordable dentistry in Noida” was 3, but after the update came the ranking went down to 11 but the Vibes Communications worked on its content & SEO strategies and the ranking moved to 4 again. Similarly, the keyword “kids dentistry in Noida” was working on 2nd position which went down to rank 7 after the update and later to ranking 2 with the effective updates by Vibes Communications. Vibes Communications being a versatile digital marketing agency in Noida also serves a large number of healthcare clients and organizations with the approach to healthcare digital marketing focussing on the utilization of latest marketing trends & techniques that help in building the proactive online presence to deliver results through data-driven marketing. With the help of Vibes Communications’ diverse digital marketing services, strategies and campaigns, the clients were able to find that there was increased keyword rankings, more traffic, generation of improved high-quality leads and effective brand building.

10 May 2019

Impact of Digital Marketing in Hotel Industry

Irrespective of the type of business, a strong digital marketing strategy is basic to building a brand, pulling in new clients and looking after assuredness of loyalty. The hotel industry is no different. Effective supervision of marketing is a productive way to accomplish an objective in the hotel business. It designs, classifies and achieves the marketing activity from the business and builds another thought, idea, and awareness for better achievement. Digital marketing plays an important role in the hotel business to know the potential clients, build strong relationships, and advances the hotel’s esteem. In the long run, the usage of the specialized marketing process is very fundamental effort for the hotel industry in today’s competitive market. The achievement of a business relies upon how the brand can organize marketing significance in the client's eyes and how their marketing strategy addresses the client's issues and can develop the client value in a market. Since client faithfulness is vital, hiring a dedicated digital marketing agency can save a ton of time and is a solid asset to building brand awareness and making progressing, interconnected campaigns. With regards to hotel digital marketing, it's vital to remember two things: Firstly, that your website ought to be practical, and secondly, your entire information ought to be genuine and complete. In this competitive digital age, it is critical to remain on top of the charts and know the most recent hotel marketing strategies to persist substantially in today’s competitive niche. Your business could endure a considerable backlash in case that you don't adjust to these new trends in marketing which would abandon you in risk of falling behind! Regardless of whether you claim a chain of hotels or even a prominent boutique hotel, it's essential to know about current marketing patterns and how your business can greatly profit by implementing these trends and even creating some great new trends and the best way to successfully follow this is a strong digital marketing strategy. Vibes Communications realises the seasonal variances of the hotel and tourism business and has been effectively involved in various marketing enactments whether it be for the high-end resort or the advancement of a tourism goal. The team of Vibes Communications build up a wide-ranging strategy that fortifies a hotel’s image, drive online bookings, oversee visitor reviews on leading websites like Trip advisor and keep on increasing appealing contributions in the stuffed social media section. Vibes Communications examines extensively the hotel sector & its market time to time and pursue best practices and idealize the apt and latest marketing trends and campaigns. Vibes Communications is the best digital marketing agency in Noida and has been serving a number of clients of hotel industry such as Solluna Resort and The Himalayan Village who have now turned as a trusted partner. With the full-scope Digital marketing services like lead generations, SEO, SMO, and brand building, Vibes Communications has created a strategy tailored to each of its clients and has increased the traffic & sales and has optimized their ROI.

19 Apr 2019

How Digital Marketing is the Driving Factor for Your Restaurants

The Digital Marketing has now turned into a power that cannot be ignored at any cost and if you own a restaurant, restro-bar or a food-joint, you might have realized that the competition can be relentless. With heaps of rivalry and quickly evolving trends, it tends to be hard to keep your business at the front line of clients' minds. The informal marketing approach like word-of-mouth marketing that restaurants have depended on before, has made a bounce from individuals’ personal experiences to their gadget’s screens for which restaurants and eateries need to act upon appropriate digital & online marketing strategies along with the well thought-out & fully-functional website. With the end goal to pull in new customer, keep the regular customers returning again, and make a phenomenal restaurant’s brand experience, your venture needs a strong online presence and efficient support system in the form of power-packed digital marketing strategies & campaigns. Maintaining a restaurant implies being at the mercy of your clientele which infers that their views & thoughts about you may make or break your reputation which indirectly drives your sales & profit along with making the owners & the management team understand that where are they doing great and where they need to improve. With various review websites and Google Reviews rising as real players in the customer reviews process, keeping an upright reputation has turned into a daunting task, yes it is an important factor that directly affects your business. When contrasted with different businesses, restaurants leads the charts with regards to how online reviews influence the client’s personal preferences based on the food taste, food quality, ambiance and many more factors attached. According to the recent survey, 60% of people read reviews before choosing a restaurant or café, compared to 40% for hotels and B&Bs, and 33% for healthcare professionals. From another survey it has been shared that Domino’s Pizza gets about 60% of its orders through digital channels and Starbucks makes nearly 30% of its sales digitally, hence moving head-to-head with digital niches will give restaurants a scope to expand and flourish. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you with your restaurant’s brand awareness, higher engagement, boosting revenues, attracting new customers & retaining the existing one, trust the professionals at Vibes Communications. The team of dynamic digital specialists at Vibes Communications is equipped with a barrage of innovative marketing solutions and services to help your restaurant find online presence and that can adequately choose the right platform & tools and set up the correct blend of digital marketing strategies for your food business to grow and compete in the market effectively.

05 Apr 2019

Importance of Digital Marketing For College Enrolment

The education sector has turned out to be more focused and competitive in recent years. These days, the boon of the internet has completely changed the manner in which the students look out for the best institution for them. Importance of digital marketing for college enrolment is turning into a promising platform because of the expansion of the internet and social media in the education sector. With the evolution of education system has also evolved the way universities and institutions look for their potential engagement strategies and approach, and this is because of the widespread access that individuals have because of the internet, smart phones and handy digital gadgets. Hence, all the educational ventures should realise the importance of digital marketing and focus on their digital presence to reach a larger audience, students and guardians easily. So kick-start your digital marketing strategies with Vibes Communications which offers a range of Digital Marketing Services in Noida along with the complete digital solutions and strategies to suit your needs and requirements. Let’s look at the reasons why digital marketing plays an imperative role for college enrolment: Digital Presence: Framing a great online presence is basic for every institute and university. With the greater part of individuals finding the information on the web, it becomes utmost important to plan and set up a strong digital presence to ensure that students and guardians can find you on these channels and think about your organization while settling on their decision to get the best institute. A well keep-up website, strategic blogs and an efficient social media marketing plan can help you in keeping among the eyes of the audience as a result of a great brand image. Cost-Effective: Digital Marketing channels is the cost-effective medium which lets you achieve more target audience in a constrained time. It is especially profitable for the education sectors to put resources into various digital marketing channels like social media channels, SEO, Mobile marketing and email marketing with the least costs to achieve the maximum audience. Vibes Communications is a Digital Marketing Company in Noida offering cost-effective digital marketing solutions for the education sector. High Conversion Rate: Online educational marketing platforms can achieve high conversion rate with the help of email marketing and social networks since these are the apt mediums to directly target the audience, gain huge traffic and thereby making profits for the educational institutes. Instant Feedback: With the assistance of some significant digital marketing tools and online marketing channels, one can instantly get the feedback and track the adequacy of your marketing plan through which you can modify and redirect your strategies according to the requirements. Vibes Communications stays on par with the up-to-date digital marketing trends and works dedicatedly towards the ever-evolving education sector and its services. To get the Best Digital Marketing in Noida, contact Vibes Communications through their website

29 Mar 2019

How to Build Your Brand Through Digital Marketing

In today's business landscape, Digital Marketing is not anymore, an option but a necessity for the business survival, growth and success. To build your brand, you need to differentiate yourself in that swarmed playing field and digital marketing will become the catalyst in your brand building and make your business standout amongst the thousands. With a ceaselessly evolving digital sphere, now is a decent time to refine your system, try out various strategies, and locate the most ideal approaches to draw in your clients and audience with the help of the below digital marketing tools: Targeted marketing: Target marketing is one of the essential parts of a holistic Digital Marketing Strategy. Its principle reason for existing is to coordinate the value your business is generating with the right audience. If you don't understand your consumer, everything else you do to fabricate your brand won't positively affect your business objectives. A legitimate strategy focuses around fully understanding your intended target group, comprehending what your clients require and deciding the best channels to convey it on. No matter what your brand’s ultimate goal is, recognizing and gaining the devotion of your target group of ideal audience is an important way to achieving your brand’s goals. Through this, one can realize that knowing your objective market all around by which you'll have the data that you have to accomplish your brand marketing objectives. Wider reach with social media: For the easy process of networking and contacting a more extensive range of people on the web, social media is the best tool you can utilize to build your brand. Actualizing different Digital Marketing Strategies that influence utilization of social media can enable you to spread messages and announcements rapidly and can help drive increasingly more traffic to the website, and it can likewise enable you to comprehend your own group of audience and business better. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are widely used social media channels where you can explicitly target your intended audience. Powerful SEO: The combination of SEO and branding can do wonders for your business if strategized in the right way and getting it right can be extremely profitable. As SEO is an organic service among the digital marketing services, it helps in generating organic search engine traffic that converts into sales and leads with the potential to magnify your business which improves the brand reach and brand awareness. It helps in choosing the correct keywords and comprehends the expectation behind their utilization, with the goal that properly tailored landing pages will convey the most astounding impact returns for your business objectives. There are a lot of other tools of digital marketing like building brand loyalty, creative optimization, search retargeting, and engaging website that helps your brand grow and emerge as a successful brand online. If you need help to work upon your brand, we are serving as a Branding Agency Centred in Noida dedicated to building your brand with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies while giving your business a wide digital presence.

01 Mar 2019

How Digital Are You?

When was last time you ordered your favourite snack online to be delivered to you in a matter of time, without you leaving your chair and making any effort? Last night or just before reading this! Whether it is booking a cab on just one click, reaching an unknown destination through direction on online map, or whether you are spoiled with the thousands of options on the online shopping, did you just realize how digitalization has taken the front seat in driving this buzzword in every walk of our life? The time is now when one can say that we are living in an online world and that technologies have become an integral part of our daily life. So, when everyone is online and is somehow connected to the digital world whether it is through mobiles, smartphones, tablet, laptops, assistive technology or gaming consoles, it is high to evaluate how digitally productive have you been with your business and where your digital landscape is heading! The digital transformation is zooming ahead to the vast landscapes and in every aspect of business-making. The evolution is such that the question “what is your business model?” has switched to “how digital are you and your business?” and you must be well prepared for it. Creating a digital footprint in today’s ever-growing digital ecosystem is a must where the needs of customers are always evolving. This will only follow if your business is rightly accessing the digital channels, current digital trends, high-quality marketing strategies, processing competencies & feedbacks and achieving the desired business results with the expected ROI. In 2019 Vibes Communications takes an initiative to help you achieve your business targets and goals in digital world while elevating your brand, with a team of tech-savvy and dedicated people to make your business reach to the masses on every digital platform and make sure your brand gets what it wants. Engage with us and share your thoughts about your digital presence. We have got unique and diverse ways of attracting and retaining customers with the right blend of strategies, trends and tools that will boost your business’ digital presence. So, if you are willing to turn your ideas into reality and your digital campaigns into successful results, we have got your back! #IamDigitalBeing…Are you?

22 Feb 2019

How Should You Measure Your Digital Presence?

With the growing number of small and big businesses, it has become very challenging to make your strong presence in the marketplace, particularly in this digital age. The development of the web has transformed the playing field radically where small & big businesses have similar marketing opportunities which bring in the importance of having a strong digital presence. Considering a bigger picture of measuring your digital presence implies using a firm technique for accumulating metrics that assemble a wide understanding of how visible your business is over various aspects of the internet. Measuring your strategies and campaigns will provide valuable insights of your business and how it is performing on various levels. Some of the most important aspects of measuring the digital presence include web traffic, time on site, keyword rankings, page views, social media followers, impressions, conversion rates, bounce rate, open rate, and click rate. In order to get high-quality analysis and evaluation, you need to start with a baseline, utilize consistent & regular assessments, analyse what is working and what is not and thoroughly observe every digital activity. This way you will be able to reach the exact data-driven decisions which will further help you to grow your digital expertise in the domain that your business lack. Since the website is the face of your business, analysing your website traffic will provide a holistic view of the visibility of your business on the web. When measuring and analysing activities on your website, use Google Analytics which is one of the powerful & best web analytics tools that track the activity and the traffic on your website and helps you to understand your audience, your ROI and your conversion rates. By using Google Analytics effectively, you can evaluate the traffic flow, track your marketing campaigns, customize data & records and analyse potential new markets. It is imperative to work towards strong digital presence on social media channels as well like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where each post, hashtag and follower has an impact and gives your business the maximum exposure. Keeping few social media tools handy like Hootsuite, Similar Web, Sprout Social, Unmetric, Crowdbooster, Keyhole, and Buffer will allow you to access the critical and in-depth analysis of your business on various social platforms and tracks each & every update in real time which helps you to process your reach, impression and insights. Hootsuite tool helps you with accessing competitor’s performance and strategy while SproutSocial can be used for all the social platforms and is really useful for discovering new customers. Using these tools proficiently will not only keep you up-to-date with all kind of information of your digital presence but will also push you to shape your marketing strategies accordingly.

08 Feb 2019

The Best Practices to Plan your Digital Marketing Budget

Every organization is aware that in order to grow and succeed in the marketplace, one has to commit a significant marketing budget into diverse digital channels to reach out to the target audiences. You could have great services and products but no real way to communicate with people about it. This is where the importance of planning your digital marketing budget plays a vital role which helps you in deciding the amount you ought to dispense in various domains of the business and how would you choose the span of your digital marketing budget contrasted with your non-digital marketing budget. Below are some of the best practices to follow while planning and implementing budgets: 1. A core marketing goal and strategy: Before you ascertain your marketing budget, fine-tune your marketing goals to your organization's key objectives and vision for development. Else, you won't comprehend what that marketing plan is relied upon to cover. With something as essential as digital marketing, you need a solid foundation and clear numbers if you need to see the real results. Your objectives will convert into your marketing plan by the assignment of assets towards these goals where you can determine the end results. 2. Figure out your digital platforms: The process toward illustrating your business needs and targets should give you a reasonable thought of which digital channels will be most instrumental to accomplishing your objectives. Assess which digital channels will have the greatest effect on your goals and allocate liberally to those channels. Keep in mind that it's better to put judiciously in a bunch of channels than to spend your money excessively over channels that you can't stand to trust completely. It's likewise a smart thought to hold a few finances that will remain unallocated. You can utilize this cash in any new activities that might come up your way. 3. Allocating marketing budget: When you have united your organization goals with your marketing objectives, you'll have to distinguish your marketing budget so you can build up a definite marketing plan that reinforces your strategies and approaches. Outfitted with your objectives and a financial plan, you would now be able to get into the bare essential of building up a strategic plan to change your marketing dreams into the real world! The multifaceted nature of your budget will rely upon the marketing plan you have acknowledged, however, you ought to likewise consider strategic plans for SEO, SMO, email marketing, content marketing and PPC. 4. Evaluate and optimize: Try to always assess the financial plan consistently, as you may need to reallocate spending plan to various channels relying upon our how things perform. With the help of best analytics software, you get every one of the outcomes you need and can start observing the viability of your own activities. Optimize this to perceive how your marketing efforts are getting along. So, if you need the help of digital experts to assist you in creating the optimum digital marketing plan, connect with Vibes Communications which offers a range of digital marketing services to give a boost to the growth of your company. Vibes Communications is the best digital marketing company Centred in Noida, committed to building custom strategies and result-driven campaigns to foster the success of its clients.

11 Jan 2019