Good news for all of us seeking where to market our products and services. Facebook has recently announced a new ad solution – Dynamic Ads for Streaming-  which will help video streaming brands highlight their entire content library. This feature will help showcase the right title to the right audience.
Through this feature, people can swipe through the ad to see personalized, relevant titles they might be interested in based on their Facebook and Instagram interests. Additionally, audiences can also follow call to action to start a trial or subscribe.
Earlier, when this feature was not available, advertisers were required to promote each media title separately. Now advertisers can generate unique ads for every title, without configuring individual ads. This feature will attract more users and there are high chances for lead conversion. The best part is that advertisers testing this solution have already seen strong results driving engagement.
Facebook will also showcase a variety of related titles to each user within this new ad offering, which could further stimulate new sign-ups. According to Facebook, most people try new streaming services because they want to view a range of the content available through that service, versus trying the service because they have one specific title in mind. Now that you know a platform that has great potential, are you wondering how to get on to it? Contact Vibes communications Pvt Ltd, Noida, India for all your digital marketing needs. We have done a thorough study of this new feature and are well versed in it now. We can bring your business ample new leads. We have been associated with digital marketing for 10 years and have been growing by leaps and bounds. Our satisfied clients give us great credit for their success. Get on the digital track before your competitors do.