The journey of India’s revolution towards the digital world began rapidly in the early 2000s which now has taken roots in almost every field and has stamped its mark everywhere. Through this digital revolution, people are spending time online where they get the ability to share the information through various online channels like emails, social media channels like Facebook & Twitter, messengers, which enables them to connect with the world in just one click. Such is the power which digital technologies have given. It is not only restricted to the instant communication but also instant transactions through various payment gateways which have let India go cashless with 100% safe & secure transfer methods. With the passage of time, India’s digital initiatives like Digital India, Start-up India, Make in India are taking shape thereby transforming India towards the Digital Economy and making its citizens digitally empowered. Large corporate, digital and IT companies are one of the huge forces that are generating growth opportunities and new digital market, thereby acknowledging the digital economy’s potential and expansion. The time is now and the right opportunity for everyone to make a move towards Digital India.