You just need to know your goals and desired outcomes for local SEO.

Top 5 Guidelines to Choose the Best Local SEO Company for Your Business in 2022:

  1. Google rankings: The higher your Google rankings, the more traffic your business will receive. If you have excellent ranks in both organic search and Google Maps via their local pack, it’ll be easier to create leads, inquiries, and sales.
  2. New customers: Local businesses, of course, require new customers; but that is not the issue here. It’s the fact that local businesses face fierce competition for a small number of clients in their area. If they want to regularly close new consumers, they need to dominate local search.
  3. New leads/inquiries: Leads provide breathing room for small enterprises. You’ll be able to raise your prices, test new items and services, and figure out which offers work best for you if you have a good lead flow. Once you’ve dialed in your conversion rate, this makes cash flow more predictable.
  4. Organic traffic: This refers to traffic that comes from your search engine rankings, online reviews, direct visits, and other sources that you have earned.
  5. The number of new reviews: With “near me” searches, a 0.1 rise in review rating can raise conversion rates by 25%. Everything improves with positive feedback. Your conversion rates are higher, your advertising is less expensive, and your marketing investment yields a bigger return.