If you’re considering hiring a digital marketing agency to handle your company’s numerous advertising and promotional efforts, you must do your research first before making any final decisions. The key to deciding whether or not a digital marketing firm is a good fit for your organization is to develop a solid set of criteria by which to evaluate them.

Top 7 Points to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Agency in 2022: 

1. Clarify your company’s goals: What are the key goals you hope to achieve by working with an agency? Even though this is an internal activity, it will have a significant impact on the decision you make.

2. Inquire about the agency’s concept of “success” in terms of digital marketing. Rather than chasing a few shallow social metrics, a good digital marketing agency will focus on creating a holistic approach.

3. Evaluate digital marketing agency fee structure: Most digital agencies will typically be compensated as a proportion of your ad expenditure or media purchases (e.g., pay-per-click advertising, banner or display ads, etc.). A typical fee percentage ranges from 10% to 20% of total spending.

4. Personally interview your most feasible prospects. Call them and get a sense of who they are before asking them to send you a Request for Proposal (RFP). You might want to reach out to some of your marketing associates and peers and inquire about the agencies they’re working with as well; many times, the best agencies are found through referrals

5. Request case studies or current work they’ve completed for other clients with similar business goals to yours. If they are unable to produce a project that demonstrates their digital approach, you may need to look for another option. This request should be easy to satisfy for experienced agencies.

6. Take a look at the Digital Marketing agency blog: Is it the most recent version? Do they offer industry-specific insights and information, or are they simply churning out “token posts” to keep the blog alive? The zeal with which they promote their material will be an excellent indicator of how well they will promote yours.

7. Check out their social networking profiles. At least a few of the team members at any reputable digital marketing business worth their salt will maintain an active presence on the major social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Does it appear that they have clout in their field? You can’t expect them to do anything for you other than what they’re already doing for themselves.

Suitable Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to choosing a suitable digital marketing agency, the value of conducting extensive research cannot be understated. Make sure you do your homework – you owe it to your brand to be comprehensive with your assessments.