As the trend moves with time, video continues to be a strong attraction to interact with your audience and clients. How is video more influence nowadays? People can relate and understand much better when they see it live. In 2021, people prefer to see a video regarding the product they are purchasing or the information they needed.

Is video still influencing customer’s purchasing decision making and where they are browsing now?

Let’s see the key features to understand the static clearly

  • According to a survey, 93% of consumers finds videos helpful while shopping
  • Consumers engage over videos on social media compared to other posts.  Videos are their #1 favourite content to know about anything.
  • YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the most preferred video streaming platform to know about any product or services.
  • When consumers search for a product, they prefer watching it on video more than reading about it or seeing the pictures.

Quick infographic to understand how and why videos are more influencing as content for users.

Social media transformation

Social media has played a vital role in reaching videos to the audiences according to their choices. In 2020, the shopping style was changed drastically, which resulted in small business pushing their presence online.

Wondering how customers reach their perfect shop?

According to the survey, 95% of consumers who shop online prefer watching a video of the product, whether from the seller or in reviews from other customers.

Customers have tagged videos as the #1 most memorable type of content from brands that keeps them engaged.

From where customers are browsing videos?

YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the most video streaming platforms containing information regarding brands and their products.

Five reasons to stand out your business on the social media platform


Tips to stand out your business-like a pro!

  • Use vertical stories-friendly content that users can repost. Plan your content according to the dimension of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with eye-catching graphics and content.
  • Consider your current and target audience in your posts
  • A/B tested content for result-driven video ads
  • Put the best on first. Give you a message at the start with the most exciting image or video clip. Keep your user connected with our content.