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  • Mofiso revolves around the traveller’s spirit of people.
  • With #Attitude of different individuals in mind, Mofiso ventures into the emotional realm of its audience  with character-building and storytelling.
  • While still in its building stage, Mofiso, with it's brand face, a beagle, they are all set to establish a quirky connection with the young audience and everyone.
  • They want to enter the market, establish themselves as the quirky brand that stays in people’s minds and hearts every now and then.
  • Mofiso wanted to enter the market with an interesting approach of 'being there but not revealing who we are.'
  • They didn’t want to reveal the core of the brand in the beginning of their marketing strategy but wanted to build a strong connect with the audience.
  • When they talk of the connection with their target audience, they want to keep the conversation as quirky as possible keeping it quirky and related to the daily life of people.
  • Be it travelling, food, festivals or anything, they wanted to explore all realms in order to build curiosity around the brand and make the audience go like ‘What is Mofiso? Who is Mofiso?’
  • They wanted a strong digital presence highly centered on social media lead by creative strategy and messaging.
  • We were thrilled to receive Mofiso as a project which was highly aimed at Brand Building. After understanding client’s vision of entering the market with quirky messaging, we came up with a unique digital strategy centered around branding majorly.
  • We brainstormed for the storybuilding and storytelling around the character of ‘Mofiso.’ From setting up the colour theme to creating a fresh logo and its various versions, we kickstarted the branding for Mofiso.
  • Keeping the website creation high on branding, we have kept the look and feel of the website pages high on storytelling around travelling, #Attitude of different people, and life in general.
  • We made sure the social media was always rolling with new campaigns around travelling, different journeys of people, Bollywood and so much more.
  • With everything we did on the social media communication, we conveyed the core of the brand in a very subtle way keeping the messaging as engaging as possible. We are all set to keep going and doing more interesting digital things with Mofiso.
  • Logo & Mascot Creation
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Branding Collaterals
  • Social Media Campaigns
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