Google takes off changes and twists its algorithms every now and then, among which some are minor changes and some are specialized, however, every change is intended to improve search results in order to deliver the high-quality results as well as relevant searches which hit the searcher’s requirements on point. Along with these little day by day changes, Google rolled out a major update on 1st August that has caused some big shifts in website rankings and Google searches. With The Broad Core Algorithm update shared by Google on 1st August, a large number of businesses, especially healthcare industry has seen big fluctuations in their website rankings and has witnessed a significant decline in their traffic & sales. This latest algorithm shift has made its major presence felt in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) pages which include websites related to medical information, health & disease related pages, shopping & financial transaction pages and those pages that can negatively affect an individual’s life and money.

With this major update, Google’s intention is to keep searchers away from those websites that could damage their health and make their money at stake, hence, prioritizing the relevance factor irrespective of the local business or a large multi-national company. Due to its focus on the healthcare and medical sector, the Google Core Algorithm Update on 1st August has been nick named as the Medic Update and has hugely impacted rankings and visibility on Google as far as healthcare industry is considered. However, focusing on building great and quality content is what Google has stated to overcome with the loss that the websites have faced with this broad, global and core update. One of the prominent healthcare clients of Vibes Communications is Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions which has witnessed a huge internet visibility and top search rankings over the period of 7 years, only due to effective marketing strategies and strong front-foot of SEO by Vibes Communications. Before the Google’s Broad Core Algorithm was announced, the ranking for Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions’ keyword “affordable dentistry in Noida” was 3, but after the update came the ranking went down to 11 but the Vibes Communications worked on its content & SEO strategies and the ranking moved to 4 again.

Similarly, the keyword “kids dentistry in Noida” was working on 2nd position which went down to rank 7 after the update and later to ranking 2 with the effective updates by Vibes Communications. Vibes Communications being a versatile digital marketing agency in Noida also serves a large number of healthcare clients and organizations with the approach to healthcare digital marketing focussing on the utilization of latest marketing trends & techniques that help in building the proactive online presence to deliver results through data-driven marketing. With the help of Vibes Communications’ diverse digital marketing services, strategies and campaigns, the clients were able to find that there was increased keyword rankings, more traffic, generation of improved high-quality leads and effective brand building.